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Sales teams only have so many hours in a day to touch leads, educate prospective customers and close deals. Luckily, Sales teams can dramatically expand their capacity by adopting an Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) to augment their efforts.

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  • Expands Sales Capacity to touch more leads through personalized messages,
  • Improves Pipeline Quality by automating the time-consuming process of lead qualification,
  • And Improves Visibility and Accountability into the Sales process so teams never lose a hot lead.

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"If you are interested in trying to better connect your clients with other services that you offer, then Conversica does a great job of prospecting so that you can save time in finding leads that are most likely to be interested."

Kathy Cannon
Associate Vice President of Experience

YMCA of Florida's First Coast

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94% of business leaders we surveyed said they want to increase sales performance and productivity without adding more headcount. Intelligent Virtual Assistants work tirelessly to perform prompt and persistent followup and qualify more hot leads for Sales. 

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