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Even when you have a clear understanding of the accounts within your Account-Based Marketing list, Marketing and Sales teams still have major challenges when it comes to being able to maximize coverage and engagement across the entire target list. 

They need help:

  • Finding the right buying centers
  • Personalizing effectively
  • Doing it all at greater scale

In this webinar, we will discuss how to intelligently bring personalization and scale together for your Account-Based Marketing programs. By leveraging real purchase intent data and the right mix of automated and human interactions across the entire customer lifecycle, ABM programs will deliver better engagement and more revenue.

Tune in to learn:

  • Within your ABM list, how to better identify and engage the most active accounts and buying centers
  • How to expand engagement and coverage within your account buying centers by leveraging Conversational AI
  • How to grow account revenue with the right mix of highly personalized human and automated touches across Marketing and Sales

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About the Speakers: 

John Steinert 
Chief Marketing Officer at TechTarget

John Steinert is the CMO of TechTarget where he is helping business leaders capitalize on buyer activity for stair-step improvements in sales and marketing performance. John’s efforts focus specifically on helping tech companies accelerate their businesses— leveraging the power of real, contact-level, purchase intent data. Having spent most of his career in B2B, John has earned a notable reputation helping build business for fast-growth emerging players as well as for global leaders like Dell, IBM, Pitney Bowes and SAP. He’s passionate about quality content, continuously improving processes and driving meaningful business results.

When ABM Met Conversational AI: Bringing Together Personalization and Scale

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Wednesday, November 17th at 11:00am PT

Kendra Matthews 
Senior Product Marketing Manager at Conversica

Kendra Matthews is a Senior Product Marketing leader at Conversica with over 15 years of experience in product marketing, messaging and GTM program execution. She is passionate about translating product capabilities into compelling business needs. Prior to Conversica, she was responsible for Product Management and GTM programs for some of the IT giants, Sun and Dell and smaller organizations Gravitant (purchased by IBM) and Formant.